I was lucky enough to work with Jennifer on my nutrition. Before meeting with her I was having stomach problems, headaches, nauseas... Since working with her, I learned so much about how to take care of my body through the food I was eating. She helped me understand the food that should be eaten together, the serving amounts, she taught me how to enjoy food without restraining myself. She helped me understand the importance of clean eating and balancing the meals. She taught me so much about how to respect food and to understand that you don’t have to be “on a diet”, that you can develop a lifestyle of healthy balanced eating and feel good about it. Since meeting with her, all my stomach pains, headaches and nauseas have gone away. I also even noticed how my skin started to look better too. She helped me come up with a balanced meal plan and helped me get organized with doing meal prep ahead of time. The tools she gave me to be able to play with ingredients and try and get all the nutrients and vitamins my body needed will always stick with me and because of this I feel more energized and healthier. THANKS JENN!
— Lucia

I worked one-on-one with Jenn back in January and went through an amazing personal transformation over the next 3 months. She helped me figure out what was healthy for me personally and, in the process of removing what didn’t work, I lost around 30 lbs and felt fantastic about my new outlook on life, food and what I really need to be eating. I have been able to maintain for many months and actually had to buy all new clothes!
— Ellen

Honestly, I like eating this way, but what the program has done, is show my husband how we can eat good, flavorful food, and have it be healthy.
— Meredith

I am AMAZED at the results, especially the sugar detox. It blew my mind how quickly my body reacted to cutting out sugar – physically and mentally.
— Lisa

No doctor had gone into such detail with me to really get to the source of my problems.
— Kasey

I am thrilled that I no longer have to take medication every day to alleviate acid reflux. In fact, I don’t have to take it at all now that I am eating clean foods that are good for my body.
— Andy

I felt very supported but also was aware I had to do the hard work myself. I now find myself making much better food choices and have adopted so much of what I’ve learned into my everyday life and I love that.
— Joy

The six week sugar detox was incredibly eye-opening. I was surprised with how quickly my body and palate adjusted to the change. By the end of the detox, I felt great and had little to no cravings for sugary foods.
— stephanie

I finished my 6 weeks feeling better, with improved energy, digestion and better body composition. I am now better equipped to make healthier decisions that will serve me daily. I definitely won’t be jumping back to my sugar habits!
— Lisa

Jennifer offers a kind spirit and simple approach to starting and maintaining a properly-prepared, nutrient dense, whole food lifestyle.
— Talitha