Watermelon Feta Bites

These are the perfect refreshing appetizer bites for summer! They are delicious with the feta, but would be equally amazing without if you wanted to go dairy-free!

watermelon feta bites.jpeg


  • Watermelon, diced into bite sized squares

  • Feta, diced into bite sized squares (omit if dairy-free). Buy the large block that comes in the brine.

  • Prosciutto, sliced into strips

  • Fresh basil or fresh mint

  • Toothpicks


The feta tends to fall apart if you are rough with it, so I recommend placing a square of feta on top of the square of watermelon, and then topping with the rolled up slice of prosciutto and mint or basil. Then stick the toothpick all the way through.

watermelon feta bites 2.jpeg
Jennifer Ostman