Dessert Ketchup? Healthier alternatives to summer BBQ condiments

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You’ve done a great job making a “clean” plate at the summer BBQ- grass-fed hot dog with no bun, salad, fruit and deviled eggs. You successfully avoided the endless bags of potato chips, the macaroni & cheese, and the cupcakes upon cookies upon brownies, etc. etc. etc.

No one wants a plain old hot dog, so you go to add condiments for flavor…but are you adding a ton of extra hidden sugar with the ketchup, pickle relish and salad dressing??

I’m all for mindfully indulging, but if you’re gonna eat sugar, you want it to be in the form of ice cream, not ketchup, right??

Here’s a list of my favorite condiments that have clean ingredients and no added sugars or preservatives. And if you’re feeling ambitious, there’s also a couple of recipes for making your own!


Organic Unsweetened Ketchup by Primal Kitchen (affiliate link)


Good news! Regular old Heinz yellow mustard only has distilled white vinegar, mustard seed, water, salt, turmeric, natural flavor and spices. You don’t have to get fancy here, and they even have organic mustard without the natural flavors (you never really know what those are).

Primal Kitchen - noticing a trend? I love this company! (Affiliate link)

Chosen Foods Mayo- (affiliate link)

Homemade Mayo

Pickle Relish:

It annoys me to no end that something as simple as pickle relish can have high fructose corn syrup in it- Heinz does! So if I’m gonna do sweet pickle relish, I go with the 365 Everyday brand (which does have sugar, since it’s sweet relish) or just eat dill pickles instead of relish.

Salad Dressing:

Primal Kitchen- they are all good, but the ranch is LEGIT (affiliate link)

Chosen Foods- the lemon garlic has the cleanest ingredients

Homemade is SO easy!! - 1 part dijon mustard, 3 parts vinegar of your choice, 5 parts oil of your choice. Add to a mason jar with salt and pepper, and shake really well! Stores in the fridge for up to a week.

BBQ Sauce:

Alright, you usually cannot make BBQ sauce without some sort of sugar or sweetener. So if you are eliminating sugar right now, it’s best just to skip the BBQ sauce altogether. But shockingly, Primal Kitchen (OF COURSE!) has an unsweetened one.

And here is a good homemade BBQ sauce from Paleo Running Momma., made with molasses and tart cherry juice.

BONUS- Hot Dogs!

Not a condiment, but an essential part of the summer BBQ, so I wanted to give you some great hot dog options too!

Applegate Organics The Great Organic Uncured Beef Hot Dog

True Store Organic Grass-Fed Uncured Beef Hot Dogs

Enjoy your summer pool parties and BBQ’s this year! Tell me in the comments, what are your favorite summer party dishes? Maybe I can help “clean” them up!