Mushroom Coffee: Is the latest superfood worth your money?

2019’s Hottest Superfood: Mushroom Coffee


**Disclaimer- spoiler alert- I did decide to join the Organo company, and am now selling their Ganoderma coffee.  It is what I recommend at the end of this blog post, and I will receive commissions from every sale.  The post is still an honest evaluation of my own personal experience with mushroom coffee**

Mushroom Coffee. Have you heard of it?  Like smoothie bowls, bone broth, and celery juice, mushroom coffee is Guaranteed to cure you of everything that ails you.  It’s a miracle superfood that people have been using for millions of years, and you MUST drink it every day or you will die.

Are you getting an idea of how I feel about the hype around super trendy food crazes?  

In all seriousness, it’s actually is really cool to see people get excited about food that supports their health, and companies that are doing their research to provide real, quality foods, instead of just quick weight-loss gimmicks. And while no, I do not think there is a single isolated food or nutrient out there that will fix all our problems, I do actually think mushroom coffee is legit.  This is based solely on my own personal experience with it.

Okay, OKAY so I did try it because I saw it all over social media.  I fell for the hype.  But the hype was coming from fellow Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, so I thought there must be something good here.

Before I jump into my personal experience with mushroom coffee, let me give you some info about each of the brands I tried.


    I tried their Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps and Chaga

From the Four Sigmatic website:

Coffee:  Our shade-grown, organic coffee is grown in the volcanic soil of the Sierra Madre de Chiapas highlands in Mexico. After carefully roasting and brewing the beans, we concentrate the coffee by evaporation, and finish it off by spray-drying it into a pure instant powder. As a final step, we run each coffee batch through a third-party laboratory to ensure the absence of mycotoxins. Contains 50mg of caffeine per serving.

Cordyceps:  Our Cordyceps coffee is made by extracting the fruiting bodies of the Cordyceps militaris mushroom. Organic, and free from fillers and carriers. Suitable for vegans.

Chaga Mushroom:  Recognized for their immune function supporting properties, these powerful mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years. Our wildcrafted chaga mushroom extract is made by extracting these wood-grown fruiting bodies, and then spray-drying the concentrate. Organic, non-GMO, and free from fillers and carriers.

Organic Eleuthero:  Also known as Siberian ginseng, eleuthero is an adaptogenic root native to Northeastern Asia. Used in traditional Chinese medicine and Russian and Korean folk medicine for hundreds of years, eleuthero could support stamina, endurance, and overall wellbeing.


    I tried the Organo Black Coffee.

From the Organo website:

Coffee: One of the most popular beverages in the world and the number one source of antioxidants in most people’s lives. Instant black coffee may contain even more antioxidant benefits. Organo™ uses medium dark roasted arabica and robusta beans, for an easy to mix instant black coffee that is bold and flavorful.

Ganoderma lucidum: Also known as the red Reishi mushroom. The powerhouse of mushrooms, has been used for over 2,000 years for its ability to support a healthy immune system because it can help support the growth of your body’s own active immune system cells.

My personal experience:

Let me give you a little context.  BEWARE POOP TALK AHEAD. I love coffee, just like many people.  I don’t think it’s terrible for you, in general. I think the worst part about coffee is the cheap creamer and tons of sugar people put in it. But I have been putting grass-fed butter, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, and cinnamon in my coffee for a while now, so I’m all set there.  It’s delicious, you should try it. 

BUT, the biggest problem I have with coffee is it’s effect on my digestive system!  And this is super common, coffee’s got a solid reputation of making you poop! But it was not comfortable for me.  I was having BM’s #6-7 every day, like 2-3 times all morning. And of course, I thought this was normal, because that’s just what coffee does.  Until I was OVER IT.  Some people’s bodies get used to coffee and this doesn’t happen anymore, but mine just didn’t.  I did not want to spend all morning in the bathroom anymore.  But I also didn’t want to give up my coffee.

So, with all the hype around how this mushroom coffee fixes EVERYTHING, I figured I’d give it a try. I did a 30 day trial with Organo, and almost immediately felt a difference.  Not an overnight, all-is-now-right-with-the-world, miracle cure, but definitely a difference.  I noticed my BM’s were slowly getting better. My tummy wasn’t gurgling after my coffee any more.  I also started to notice that I just felt really GOOD after drinking this coffee.  Energized, but calm.  I often wake up a little achy (my toddler ends up in bed with us often, don’t judge).  It felt like my morning coffee was helping with that achy-ness. I also noticed that my sugar cravings were getting better! I actually didn’t really realize this until towards the end of 30 days, when someone posted about their sugar cravings, and I was like..wait! I haven’t felt the NEED for dessert in a while!  

So my 30 day trial ends, and I go back to regular coffee. Again, it's not an overnight reaction.  It’s not like on Day 1 of regular coffee, I was right back to being on the toilet all morning.  That’s what’s hard about monitoring how you react to food—it’s not always obvious.  But slowly, I did notice that I was having the same exact digestive issues again.

So, while I’m researching my options for joining the Organo company, I decided to try Four Sigmatic. I bought 10 servings at the grocery store, and again my BM’s started improving.

You can imagine that I'm pretty much sold on these mushrooms by now! For anyone who experiences digestive issues often, it is worth making the switch for that reason alone.

Here’s where I’m going to be 100% transparent with you.  I love BOTH Four Sigmatic and Organo. I have chosen to go with Organo for 2 reasons.  First is that Organo tastes better, in my opinion.  That’s a simple reason.  The second, and more important reason, is that this coffee is more expensive than normal coffee (as it should be, if it’s got high quality mushrooms in it, right?).  By joining the Organo company, I can purchase it for myself at wholesale prices.  And I love the way I feel when drinking this coffee daily, so it was a pretty easy decision for me to make sure I could continue to keep it in my daily diet. I think Four Sigmatic is great as well, and you can purchase it at many health-conscious grocery stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts and Natural Grocers.  

If you are interested in trying the Organo, I sell samples! Try it for 5 days before you commit to an entire box.

I think you will find that upgrading your coffee is going to be totally worth it.