My New Years Resolution: to Dig Deeper

What do you think of New Year's Resolutions? Love or hate? Indifferent? I think January 1st is a good symbol of new beginnings, and as good a time as any to hit refresh on your life and see where you are, what needs to be re-evaluated.  I also do not think this needs to happen ONLY on January 1st, as I believe we should step back and evaluate goals several times a year.  But since we are here, the first week of January, I thought I would talk a little bit about one resolution in particular: to DIG DEEPER. 

What do I mean, dig deeper? Well, from a health perspective, this year I encourage you to go beyond surface level goals. An example of a resolution that I consider "surface level" could be to lose 20 pounds by summer or to go to the gym 4 times a week to finally get that 6-pack.

In order to reach goals like these, you may try the newest popular diet, promise yourself you will wake up 45 minutes early, etc. Do you struggle with staying on track with these goals? Perhaps you do really well on your diet for a couple months, then start to fall off the wagon. How about this year, we try to DIG DEEPER.

Dig deeper in search of the root cause of your struggles. Maybe the extra weight you are carrying is not because of lack of discipline, but because of hormone imbalance? If you struggle to have enough energy to go to the gym, perhaps the solution isn't to FORCE yourself to wake up, but to figure out what could be causing your exhaustion.

Eat this: not only to LOOK good, but more importantly, to FEEL GOOD! Cause when you feel good, you look good. Promise

Eat this: not only to LOOK good, but more importantly, to FEEL GOOD! Cause when you feel good, you look good. Promise

When we start to educate ourselves on the ROOT CAUSE of our health issues, we start to realize how connected all of our symptoms are. And, if you are like me, understanding the WHY helps me stick to those lifestyle changes. 

For example, if you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning to get to the gym, it isn't necessarily because you are lazy or lack discipline (this is what I thought for years). In fact, it is likely that your cortisol rhythm is out of balance. Cortisol output should gradually decline over the course of the day, and be at its lowest around midnight, so it can then be at its highest in the morning, giving you that boost of energy to get the day started (Signs & Symptoms Analysis from a Functional Perspective, Dicken Weatherby). Once you understand this, you can start to learn lifestyle changes that will support your adrenals and get you back on track. 

DIG DEEPER. One of the best ways to do this is to connect with a professional (hey, there's a sales pitch for ya!). But seriously, I want to help! When I work with clients one-on-one, I don't just tell you what to do for 3 months, and then leave you hanging. I won't give you a fish when I know I can teach you how to fish. I have several tools I can use to evaluate your root cause. To dig deep with you and address the underlying cause of your health concerns, not just the symptoms. And I provide you with constant support to keep you on track. And, ideally, when we have completed our time together, you are well equipped to continue these lifestyle changes on your own! 

Send me a message if you are ready to dig deeper. I'm ready to help you!