Detox Results!

We had so much fun during the inaugural Happy Healthy Whole Detox! What a great group of women to come together and support each other through 6 weeks of no sugar.  This was no easy task! But it was absolutely made easier with a tribe of strong people to help each other along the way.

We did it! And with friendships still intact. 

We did it! And with friendships still intact. 

I describe in detail the ins and outs of the HHW Detox HERE on my website so I won't go into it on this post.  Instead, I'd like to share with you what these lovely women have to say about their experiences!

"No sugar cravings? Really? Yes, this really happened. I am finishing a 6 week, group sugar detox, guided by a nutritional therapy practitioner. I no longer crave afternoon sweets or even evening dessert. This is HUGE for me. I absolutely love how changing WHAT you eat can alter what you desire to eat.

My food now fuels me through the day without variations in energy, without cravings and without that weird afternoon fogginess or yearning for candy. Learning which foods act like sugar when consumed is incredibly helpful. As is the knowledge of fats, minerals, essential fatty acids, digestion. None of this required pills, shakes, or powders, just nutrient dense whole food and some education. 

To me, this was not an exercise in deprivation, but rather fine tuning my health. It is education, guidance & support that leads me to sustainable change. I immersed myself in savory, nutrient dense foods. I finished my 6 weeks feeling better, with improved energy, digestion and better body composition. I am now better equipped to make healthier decisions that will serve me daily. I definitely won’t be jumping back to my sugar habits!"

Lisa Clark

"The six week sugar detox was incredibly eye-opening. I was surprised with how quickly my body and palate adjusted to the change. By the end of the detox, I felt great and had little to no cravings for sugary foods. The support, education and structure that Jennifer provided was perfect for not only a successful detox, but also for a smooth transition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle."

Stephanie Bergeman

"The Happy Healthy Whole Detox Program with Jen has really changed the way I look at food. At first, it was tricky. Having to chronicle what I ate, cutting out sugar and processed foods, and being conscious of how my meals made me feel, felt a bit unnatural.  However, the combination of these protocols along with the wealth of information she provided, really made the program manageable and rewarding. After the third week, I really noticed changes in my energy levels and my overall state of mind. I felt very supported but also was aware I had to do the hard work myself. I now find myself making much better food choices and have adopted so much of what I've learned into my everyday life and I love that. Thank you Jen for guiding me through this program and thank you for always supporting me when I needed it."

Joy Wells

Hosting the HHW Detox in your home means I can do cooking demos!

If you have any questions about this program, or are interested in hosting one for a small group, send me an email-- 

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