My Travel Food Journal

Recently I went on a short family trip out of state.  I happened to be in the middle of a sugar detox and I do my best to stay gluten-free most of the time anyway. Did I mention I was also traveling with a 5 month old baby? And because this was a family event, not a vacation, restaurant choice was not mine to make-- we ate where it was most convenient for a large group of people. 

River's first plane ride!

River's first plane ride!

I believe that this is a pretty typical situation for a lot of people, so I wanted to share with you my food journal for the weekend. As you read this, remember that everyone is different- bioindividuality tells us that my dietary needs are different than yours.  The point is not to tell you to eat like me-- the point is simply to demonstrate that it is possible to make better choices in less than ideal situations.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, healthy eating is NOT all or nothing, and we have to live in the real world.  Many of my choices were not perfect. But I came home from the weekend feeling confident that I made the best of my situation, and I hope my food journal helps you with the choices you face in less-than-perfect circumstances.  


Food journal


7:45a 16oz coffee w cream (I am not dairy-free)

10:15a banana at the airport. Brought nuts with us. Epic bars sold at the airport!

4:00p Cuban restaurant:  Shrimp cocktail. Black beans & rice. Ropa Vieja (shredded beef). Cuban latte (no sugar).  A couple years ago, I would not have been able to resist that Cuban Sandwich in the background!

10:15p Greek salad w chicken and falafel- we had several meals at an American grill across the street from the hotel


9:30a  Grilled chicken and veggie omelet. 2 cups coffee w cream

12:00p Grain free porridge that I brought in my suitcase

These are good! Got them at Whole Foods

These are good! Got them at Whole Foods

2:30p Greek salad (w small portion of potato salad), veggies w Ranch, ham and cheese sandwich insides. No bread. This was the family event, so the food choices were very limited. The food was catered, and was standard "event" food. 

6:00p Hotel bar: 1 chicken quesadilla triangle-- my gluten slip up!  

7:30p Hotel restaurant: sirloin steak and steamed broccoli


7:30a American diner on the way back to the airport: scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon. Coffee w cream

11:30a Airport: broccoli salad, salad w berries & feta, hummus- cool little "Natural Cafe" at the airport!

3:00p frozen gluten free pizza - back home, empty cupboard!

8:15p home: flap steak. Grilled onions. Sweet potato w bacon grease & butter. Wedge salad w blue cheese and bacon. Feeling good!


  • As I mentioned, I try to be gluten free, but I do not experience a severe immediate response to gluten.  With the exception of the quesadilla, I was able to stay gluten free to my knowledge-- there can be hidden gluten in many things, so if you are very sensitive, you must be more diligent.
  •  I am currently a nursing momma, so skipping meals is not an option for me. I decided for myself that "less than ideal" food is better than no food, simply because I need the energy/calories. If you have established a good baseline of health, are more of a fat-burning metabolizer, and do not experience severe blood sugar swings, skipping meals may be a better option for you than eating food that will cause a reaction. 
  • Bring food with you whenever you can.  I had a bag of mixed nuts as well as those grain-free porridge packs that were both great when there are no options. 
  • I did not include my water intake, but I drink half my weight in ounces plus extra to make up for water loss due to diuretics and nursing