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I need healthy convenience food options!

Yes, REAL food is the best way to reach REAL health, but even a nutritionist needs quick & easy options sometimes! Download this guide for my favorite packaged foods made from REAL ingredients.

I want to cut out junk food, but I’m not sure how…

This FREE online course will show you exactly how to Eliminate Processed Foods in 5 Days, with a complete Meal Plan!

I have specific questions about my health, and I haven’t found the right answer yet…

Schedule a FREE one hour consultation with me, so we can discuss your health goals and how to get you where you want to be.


My Favorite Products

All of the products on this page are things I use personally and with my family. I do receive a commission on some of the sales, but my promise to you is that I only promote the products and companies that I love!


The 30 Day Real Food Challenge

It's so easy to forget how deeply and completely our food can effect our health. And when you do not feel your best, the world around you suffers- your relationships, your work, your self-confidence. It's time to make REAL FOOD a priority.

My 30 Day Real Food Challenge is a comprehensive program that gives you practical tools to successfully cut out processed foods for 30 days, and REALLY start to change your health and your life for the long run.


Trainer Kristen

Nutrition is a huge piece of the puzzle, but you know that exercise is crucial to optimal health as well. Kristen will create a personalized work out plan for you to do at home! No fancy equipment required.

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My Blog

Check out the blog for my favorite recipes, healthful tips, and anything else I find interesting!


River’s Lunch Box

Need lunch ideas for your kiddos? Or even for yourself! Follow @riverslunchbox on Instagram for inspiration